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Meet Kungroo

Makes Better Tasting Cold Brew Coffee

Kungroo Glass Cold Brew Coffee Maker, 32oz

    Extra Thick High Borosilicate Premium Quality Glass. Absolutely NO Plastics!


    High Precision Cut 304 Stainless Steel Infuser To Avoid Grounds In Your Coffee.


    Coffee Stays Fresh Up to 3 Weeks. Airtight Silicone Sealer Keeps Refrigerator Smells Away.


    Dishwasher Safe, Right Size Makes it Easy To Clean. Fits Easily in Refrigerator & Kitchen Shelves.

Top 3 Cold Brew Coffee Mistakes

Grinding Beans Too Fine!

Coffee that is too finely ground will over extract resulting in a bitter taste. Some methods of brewing, like the pour over, calls for finely ground beans. But in cold brew because you’re steeping them for upwards of 12 hours, you should grind the beans coarsely.

Using The Wrong Ratio!

The basic formula for cold brew is one pound of ground coffee beans to one gallon of water. Unless you’re running a small cafe out of your kitchen you likely won’t need to make that much. A more home brewing-friendly ratio is a quarter-pound of beans to four cups of water. Scale down or drink up.

Not Diluting The Concentrate!

The standard time for steeping is 24 hours. Be aware that will result in an intensely flavored & caffeinated coffee concentrate. When you’re ready to drink, dilute it with water adding cream or milk will also cut the intensity.

Amazon Customers Say...

Great tasting coffee, easy to use and high quality. This is super easy to clean and brews faster and with a better taste than some other cold brews. This is an excellent purchase!

A nice solution for doing home brew.

Gets the job done and makes some really good cold brew...the sky is the limit with this little coffee powerhouse!

Started early. ordered this for Christmas presents.